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Aquatica Water Park Orlando

Aquatica Water Park Orlando

a whimsical, one of a kind water park that's only in Orlando and could only come from SeaWorld, where one river floats you through an undersea world of colorful fish and another races you into rolling rapids. Slides that spin and soak you, and the incredible signature ride - Dolphin Plunge, with two awesome, enclosed tube slides that send you speeding through a lively lagoon filled with playful, black and white Commerson's dolphins. Especially for the little ones, there's the huge water play area, Kata's Kookaburra Cove! Play, in on or over the serene-to-extreme waters in the gigantic double wave pools, then soak in the sun (or the cooling shade) on the white sand beach.
SeaWorld knows water. So it's not surprising that it has created a world-class water park. What might be surprising, however, is that Aquatica combines water park fun with opportunities to interact with animals.

The 59-acre park offers lots of rides for all ages and thrill levels amid a South Sea Islands atmosphere. Aquatica's signature ride, Dolphin Plunge, features side-by-side body slides that shoot riders through a pool with black and white Commerson's dolphins.

While the concept of "interacting with dolphins" sounds intriguing, the experience will be worth the wait. The slides begin in enclosed, opaque tubes and deliver fast, twisting rides in the dark. As riders enter the pool with the dolphins, the tubes change to clear acrylic.
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Dolphin Plunge at Aquatica

Dolphin Plunge

The park’s signature attraction plunges riders down 300 feet of clear tubes through a crystal blue lagoon with black & white Commerson’s dolphins.

Big Surf Shores and Cutback Cove

Big Surf Shores and Cutback Cove

Catch a wave in the worlds only side-by-side wave pools, encompassing 860,000 gallons of water, these enormous wave pools deliver very different experiences. Cutback Cove produces crashing waves with 5-foot swells while Big Surf Shores creates gently-rolling surf.

Roa's Rapids Roa Rapids

This racing river will zip you through 1,500 feet of rapids, past geysers and through waterfalls at a speed three to four times faster than a typical water park river.
Loggerhead Lane Loggerhead Lane

For a slower pace, this lazy river will float you past a spectacular underwater view of the Commerson's dolphins, past exotic birds and a beautiful 10,000-gallon habitat of thousands of exotic fish.
Walkabout Waters Walkabout Waters

One of the world's largest interactive water playgrounds, boasting 15,000sq ft of pure water excitement. This 60ft tall colorful water adventure is the perfect playground for the kids to zip down slides and blast water cannons.
Taumata Racer Taumata Racer

Prefer life in the fast lane? This eight-lane racing slide will speed you down a 300-foot slide, in and out of tunnels and around a 360-degree turn before racing across the finish line.
Tassie Twister Tassie Twister

This 129ft enclosed flume takes you into a huge bowl, then sends you spinning and splashing around before dropping you into Loggerhead Lane.
Kata's Kookaburra Cove Kata's Kookaburra Cove

An irresistible water playground, just for the little ones! Kata's Kookaburra Cove contains 79,000 gallons of water and featuring fountains, rides and slides. Make sure you don't miss Slippity Dippity, Slider Rider, Racer Chaser and Zippity Zappity.

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SeaWorld Orlando


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