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SeaWorld Tickets like no other theme park in Orlando. You'll find one-of-a-kind rides, shows, and its the only place where you'll find Shamu, the Killer Whale. Sea World is also the one and only theme park in Orlando that emphasizes education as much as it does entertainment. So you know when you bring the kids along, they're going to have fun and learn something new at the same time. Order tickets through us call 1-888-206-6040 to have a friendly representative take your order. Discount Sea World Tickets when you stay at one of our properties.

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Buying SeaWorld tickets is easy. Experience two amazing Worlds of Discovery. At SeaWorld, get up-close and personal with your favorite sea animals, including worldwide animal-celebrity Shamu the orca whale. At SeaWorld you can explore the mysteries of the sea.

Discount SeaWorld tickets are in high demand. Although there appears to be many suppliers out there, it's important to feel comfortable with the company where you decide to purchase tickets. The most important element to consider is to verify that the vendor is an Authorized Sea World Ticket Agency. Our Resorts are all Partners of Sea World ensuring your tickets are genuine and more important discounted.

At SeaWorld Orlando, the resident animals are more than just photo ops - they're the main attraction. Submerge yourself in the murky, underwater world of the endangered Florida manatee.

Sea World Orlando Video

Feed and touch dolphins in a tropical lagoon. Walk through a frozen tundra as penguins and puffins cavort above, below and beside you. And get up close and personal with denizens of the deep, including eels, barracuda, venomous fish and sharks, in an underwater tunnel that traverses a deep-sea aquarium.

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Believe at SeaWorld Orlando
One Ocean Show

By far SeaWorld's most talked about show. It stars Shamu the world famous Killer Whale. The show features some amazing choreography between the killer whales and their trainers; you get a real sense of the relationship the trainers have built with these giant mammals. The show is highly visual, and is filled with acrobatics, dramatic original music, and lives underwater video projection. One Ocean will amaze SeaWorld Orlando guests of all ages.

Blue Horizons at SeaWorld Orlando
Blue Horizons Show

Come and see this breakthrough theatrical spectacular.Acrobatic dolphins, soaring birds, and amazing stunt actors in a show about where the sea meets the sky.

SeaWorld Orlando debuts a new genre of entertainment with the opening of Blue Horizons. This breakthrough theatrical spectacular unites sea and sky with visions of Broadway.

The Kraken at SeaWorld Orlando
The Kraken

Based off of the mythic creature that Poseidon had caged deep in the sea. The Kraken is a modern personification of what it would be like for this monster to lift your ship high out of the water before he takes you for a deep plunge to his underwater prison. The Kraken is the longest and fastest coaster in Orlando. It will take you to the height of a fifteen story building and then drop you just as deep, and turn you upside down seven times at speeds of up to and including 65 mph. The Kraken is also only floorless roller coaster in Orlando.

Journey to Atlantis at SeaWorld Orlando

Journey to Atlantis

Part water-ride and part roller coaster. Journey to Atlantis takes you on a journey through the depths into the lost sunken city of Atlantis. Once there, the spirits who guard the city do not want you to leave! Escape from their grasp by daring twist and turns, and a near vertical 60-foot drop. The Journey to Atlantis will have you traveling on both water and high-speed rails. Featuring the best parts of water rides and roller coasters, combined with amazing world class special effects, make Journey to Atlantis one of the most memorable rides you will take in your life.

Wild Artic at SeaWorld Orlando
Wild Arctic

Take a journey to a remote research station somewhere in the Artic Circle. Hop aboard a simulated Jet Helicopter for an unforgettable flight to Base Station Wild Artic. Once you reach the base, get ready for some artic exploration. You'll come face to face with walruses, seals, beluga whales and polar bears. Pass through Wild Arctic's ice tunnel, and a twenty five foot ice wall. Once you enter this frozen realm, you'll experience the beauty and the danger of Arctic exploration.

Penguin Encounter at SeaWorld Orlando
Penguin Encounter

Get a chance to see nearly three hundred Antarctic penguins in their snow filled Sea World habitat. The habitat is reminiscent of the primitive Antarctic with its rocky cliffs and icy waters. The habitat is home for five species of penguin including Rock-hopper, Gentoo and King.

Shark Encounter at SeaWorld Orlando

Shark Encounter

Travel through the world's largest, underwater acrylic tunnel, and find yourself just inches away from sharks of all shapes and sizes. This 280,000-gallon attraction allows you to see hundreds of fascinating sand tiger, bonnethead, blacktip and whitetip sharks. The exhibit also includes eels, barracuda, venomous fish and toothy sharks who make their home in this coral reef habitat.

Mistify at SeaWorld Orlando

Sea World's center lake is the for home for this larger than life stage show. Mistify presents larger than life marine creatures on 60-foot mist screens, 100-foot fountains, flames, and fireworks. Mistify is a dazzling spectacle that encompasses both sea and sky. Guests can even view the show from several restaurants with outdoor lakeside seating. Please note that this is a seasonal show and typically performed during the summer months and holiday seasons.

Odyssea at SeaWorld Orlando


Anon-traditional circus that combines acrobats, comedy, great costumes, music and special effects. The show plays out on a spectacular set designed to look like an underwater fantasy world. Witness the wonders of the sea come to life inside Sea World's Nautilus Theater.

Clyde and SeaMore at SeaWorld Orlando
Clyde and Seamore

This show is so popular with visitors to Sea World that they are in two shows. "Clyde and Seamore Take Pirate Island" is a swashbuckling adventure featuring your favorite Sea World Orlando animal trainer and his first mate, Clyde the sea lion. The world's most popular sea lion comedy duo also star in "Clyde and Seamore Present Sea Lions Tonight." This comedy show has the sea lions, otters and walrus parodying their favorite Sea World shows.
Shamu Rocks at SeaWorld Orlando
Shamu Rocks

Shamu Stadium is about to become one big concert arena, as Shamu gets ready to star in his own rock ’n’ roll show. With killer lights and powerful tunes, “Shamu Rocks” is a 20-minute freewheeling, musical journey through awesome natural settings. And it’s all seen through the eyes of the world’s most famous killer whale, as he rides a wave of high-powered music across the planet. “Shamu Rocks,” a brand new nighttime killer whale show at SeaWorld.

"Seasonal Show"

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Orlando vacations are what millions of people look forward to every year, so why not make sure that you make the right decisions when purchasing your Sea World tickets for your trip!

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